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Prices for diving facilities

Rehersal diving for beginners:

  • Rehearsal diving from the raft (10 persons or more)- 50.- eur/person
  • Rehearsal diving with the raft (10 persons or less)- 40.- eur/person plus  120.- eur for the raft

    During the rehearsal diving customer will be in full equipment and goes under the water with an experienced instructor. Before diving instructor will give a short theoretical lecture about the basic rules of diving.  Also instructor will introduce different parts of the diving equipment. After the theoretical part instructor will help with putting on the equipment and an adventure can begin. Earlier experience and ability to swim is not necessary.
  • Services for licenced divers diving in Rummu Quarry lake:

  • An underwater guide- 50 eur/ two dives in one trip
  • Large diving raft with an engine (5m*12m), 3 hours, 10eur / person, minimum sum 100 eur

  • Raft can be rented only with a driver
    * With full equipment raft is suitable for about 15 divers.
    Equipment rent:

  • Full set of equipment- 45 eur
    (air tank, regulator, vest, wet suit, gloves, boots, fins, mask)
  • Extra air tank - 10 eur
    * In case of few single sets rent transportation fee is 20 eur

  • Wreck- diving:

  • Diving in Tallinn bay- wrecks Tutti, Heino, Iljua ja Vanja-  40 eur (minimum 200 eur)
  • Diving in Tallinn Bay- wrecks Aegna, Traktoristka, Bungsberg, Jean Ter, MO4, Polaris/Raa, Christine- 60 eur/inimene (minimum 300 eur)
  • Diving trainings:

  • OWD-PADI (Open Water Diver) - 330 eur
  • AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver) - 320 eur
  • Rescue diver - 330 eur
  • Dry suit  course -  180 eur
  • Night diving course -  150 eur
  • Deep diving course - 200 eur
  • Underwater navigation course - 200 eur

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