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Rummu Quarry as a diving place

Rummu quarry lake with its crystal clear water, great depth and interesting lake bottom has been visited by the divers for a long time. We want to bring diving closer to our visitors. Our location for diving is perfect- just 20 meters from the lake shore.  Diving is a facinating hobby that does not require great physical exertion or special skills, bui it is relaxing, relieves tension and provides incredible adventures.
It doesn`t matter if You are a beginner or a professional- You can dive with us in Paekalda!

In the bottom of Rumu Quarry lake there is an unique underwater museum that offers powerful experiences for divers.  From the ground You don`t have any idea, what is hidden under... There are several buildings, a prison wall, different machines and equipmend that was used in mining once.  
There is plenty more to see- underwater forest, deep cliffs.

Some videos about diving in Rummu:

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