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Schedule for discovery divings

Next times for intro dives are:

  22.09 kell 10.00
  22.09 kell 14.00 KOHAD TIS
  23.09 kell 10.00
  23.09 kell 14.00
  29.09 kell 14.00
  30.09 kell 10.00

If You wish to discover diving with us, please book a time by email:, info 372 5289472.

About the arrangement:
Gathering is 30 minutes before departure in a parking lot next to Paekalda Holiday Houses. Please bring Your swimming clothes to put under the wetsuit, a large towel and warm clothes for afterwards. Diving place is in the middle of the lake and we go there all together with a raft. Raft departures from Paekalda in announced time- therefore those who don`t make it on time unfortunately can`t join the group and their diving is concidered as taken place. Please aquaint Yourself with the road to us and make sure You have enough time to get here.

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