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About Paekalda Holiday resort

Paekalda Holiday Houses are situated next to the lake Rummu, 20 meters from shore. The lake is known for it`s crystal- clear water (that has given the lake nickname Lightblue Lagoon) and it`s unique history. We have 6 houses- big Lakehouse, two Hunter Houses and three Fishermen Houses.  Also there is a 25 meter float bridge for swimming and a summer kitchen with a rooftop for grilling. 
In our log- houses there are saunas, showers, water toilets and kitchens with cooking equipment. In the Lakehouse there there is a hall with fireplace for larger company, Hunter Houses have halls with fireplaces for smaller coteries.  For large events it is possible to rent whole territory. 
Worth mentioning is the fact, that Paekalda Holiday Houses have no neighbors nearby. We are alone in the woods but meanwhile only 50 minute drive from Tallinn.  

 We offer:
  • Various activities 
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Diving
  • Seminars
  • Summer- and winterdays for companies
  • Birthdays and other events
    Paekalda Holiday resort has not joined electrical network. Of course it doesn`t mean, tat our guests have to spend time in candle light. All the power needed is manufactured on site. Cooker and oven work with gas, so does the boiler for hot water. 

     About the history of Murru prison

    Murru prison was established on 1. January 1938. It was meant to be a mining industry, that could offer work for about 400 prisoners. At first all the buildings were made from wood- two barracs for prisoners, one building for the guards and a shed for workers. In 1949. first sauna and a carcer building was built. Main buildings of the prison were built in19601980, their founding was guided by Soviet rules for colonies. Murru was a bearing type prison. In 1968. a vocational school was opened on the prison territory. During 1961-2000 eastern part of the prison was separated and known as independant Rummu Prison . In 2004. prisons were joined again and Murru open prison was established (prisons in open section were allowed to leave the territory during the day to go to school or to work). In 2007. a mari prison was joined to Murru prison, in  2011. a Harku prison followed.  31.12.2012 Murru prison was closed and by now territory is sold 

    Facts taken:
    About quarry lake and underwater world

    Quarry behind prison Murru was once completely dry. It was Estonian most popular limestone quarry. Main workers were the prisoners of Murru who worked hard from early mornings to late evenings. 

    When Estonia became independent, demand for the limestone decreased, there were new laws that made people do rearrangements and set limits to prisoners working and there was no need to keep the whole quarry dry anymore.  Some pumps were shut down and part of the quarry drowned. It happened so fast, that many machines were left behind and are now sightseeings under the water. 
    Southern side of the quarry was kept dry, in order to keep  the buildings and guarding roads that belonged to the prison, from drowning. When the Murru prison got its new eastern boarder, it became unnessecary to keep the last pumps working so they were shut down also. Whole quarry was quickly  filled with clean groundwater, that left many abandoned old prison buildings and fences under it. Nowdays nearly everything under water is as it was left before the water came. This multifarious world under water is like a unique museum, that has made the lake the most popular destination for Estonian divers.

    In addition to diving the lake has much more to offer. Fishermen likes to fish there both in summer and in winter from the ice hole. From fish species most common are pike and perch but You can also find whitefish, roach and lake porgy. Since the water is deep and clean the lake is an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling. Also it is possible to practice canoeing, rafting and boating. 

    Ash mountain
    Right next to the quarry lake there is another sightseeing: so-called Ashmountain that arised during mining limestone (that is also known by the name Vasalemmas marble) The mountain consists mostly  of limestone remnants and is about 70 meters high. On the mountaintop there is ground cover. People, who have a will to climb the mountain, will experience an incredible view- from the top you can see whole quarry lake, forests around it, old prison buildings. If the weather is clear, town of Paldiski and seacoast is also in the range of view. 
    Have a look at the video:


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